Trainings and Workshops

Interactive. Fast-Paced. Actionable.

Corporate training has rapidly evolved beyond just educating employees and leaders. Innovative executives are seeking corporate trainers that are capable strategic partners.

We believe that collaboration is critical to the success of any training or workshop. Why? Because cookie-cutter trainings produce cookie-cutter results. We don’t do cookie-cutter work. We strive for epic results that can only happen with a collaborative and hands-on approach.

Our Trainings are Rocket Fuel for Growth

We create an “interactive experience” that is valuable and memorable. We customize our trainings and workshops with a strategic thought process.

Engage the senses. Conversations that are compelling and bring actionable value. Permission to have fun. Embrace an element of surprise. And always keep a focus on the desired outcome.

Our Principles of Employee Success workshops are collaboratively designed for your organization or selected teams. We offer a menu of topics to choose from and we’ll then customize to meet your goals.

Each workshop is designed to be interactive for stellar results and retention. These workshops are designed to be short intense trainings lasting 1-3 hours; timing is based upon the desired topic(s) and interactive exercise(s).

Our PACE workshops are open to individuals, management / staff of companies, law firms, non-profits, and universities. We can customize the topics to best suit your company goals, or individuals can elect to attend a preset workshop with specific topics and targeted outcomes.

Most workshops incorporate our round-robin interactive process for full engagement and learning retention. These workshops are full- or half-day events that typically include lunch with breaks throughout.

PACE offers an intensive workshop designed for immediate results that can be carried forward into both the professional and personal lives of attendees. Life-changing with far reaching impact.

A Sample PACE Workshop:

The Impact of Personal Perceptions on How We Lead in Work and Life” – Learn how to distinguish between our personal interpretations of experiences vs. the facts in reality, thus making it possible to remove limitations created by these interpretations. Thanks to this distinction, and by removing the restrictions, a new world of possibilities of action opens up and enhances relationships with ourselves and those we interact with.

In this workshop we cover:

  • Automatic judgments and conclusions of people and situations
  • Event – Interpretation – Emotions – Reactions (EIER)
  • EIER group exercise
  • Explore how our personal perception was established
  • Proof of personal perception group exercise
  • Understanding True vs. Truth
  • 10/90 Rule / Reaction
  • Tools to use beyond the workshop

A Sampling Of Topics:

  • The impact of personal perceptions on how we lead in life and business
  • Body language and micro-expressions (includes remote video-conferencing limitations)
  • Confidence and leadership building for women or teams
  • Building culture that communicates, collaborates, and fuels exponential growth
  • Managing workplace and life-related stress
  • Foster entrepreneurial mindset and activities within your organization
  • How to thrive in a remote-work environment
  • Core and limiting beliefs; understand their history and remove blocks
  • Listening and communication skills
  • Tackling imposter syndrome
  • Levels of awareness: takers/givers/victimhood vs solutions